Savannah Yacht completely painted in the color scheme of Sea Foam - metallic green - and is the first megayacht, entirely covered with metallic paint. Including including ceilings and stationary deck furniture, except fodder polished columns. On Feadship we developed a special technique of spray paint to achieve a completely metal type, which should be achieved in one step, in order to avoid any discrepancies in color.

External staircase made coal-black, and the steps are lined with teak. Interior Savannah are equally full of surprises, as well as appearance. As a second contribution of CG Design Studio was the fact that the vessel contains an unmatched amount of detail and selection of finishing materials. For example, the lights on the boat have up to ten different colors, types and positions of the lenses. One of the many highlights is the original design, "an underwater salon" on the starboard side, where guests can enjoy fish swim outside of the ship or to turn around and watch the fun and games in the nine-meter pool. 

This salon that can be converted into a cinema, is particularly thick glass because of its position in the body and is another decision for the first time applied for superyachts. In addition to the owner's suite, there are four spacious luxury guest cabins and one VIP-cabin with a balcony. 

Yacht Savannah provides unparalleled comfort for its 26 crew members, and high-tech garage for the tender on the port side is a continuation of the swim platform and is completely covered with teak. After docking, guests can walk in the garage, or climb the stairs right on the main deck. "Savannah is full of different prime ministers," - emphasizes the director of the shipyard Henk de Vries, - "As the first in the history of hybrid superyacht, it offers incredible flexibility in operations and loading power. 

The result is a fuel economy of about thirty percent compared with the best yachts we have built today. The way in which one giant propeller was installed in front of the other screw with an electric drive for propulsion in its flow and never used on yachts. A similar system has been used on board passenger ships in Japan, but this "industrial" solution, without attention to the comfort needed yacht Feadship. 

Achieving this objective on board superyachts has led to an exceptional degree of cooperation with Wartsila and all other manufacturers. Another important innovation is the batteries, which were proposed by the owner. They provide additional speed at full speed, can be recharged from the generator at any speed, and provide ultra-quiet cruising at low speeds without the inclusion of any engine. 

We have found the yacht Li-ion batteries with a capacity of not less than one million watts. " "More than a thousand people were involved in the creation of superyachts Savannah, and since the contract was signed only at the end of 2011, a great final result once again shows how Feadship is never afraid to venture into uncharted waters," - finished Henk de Vrie